Estonian girls‘ experience in Vuosaari

Hi! Tere! Moika!

We are Hanna and Säde Mai from Estonia.


In the beginning of summer we heard about a job in Finland. Photographing and filming people and different areas of Vuosaari seemed pretty awesome to us.
Two weeks ago we started our trip from Tartu to Helsinki. We’ve been in Finland several times, so it wasn’t our first time here, but the place we were working at was Vuosaari. It is the part of Helsinki we have never been before.
First impression of Vuosaari was really beautiful – cool apartments, cosy cafes, lovely harbours and sunny beach. It felt like a Mediterranean resort.


On the first working week we had to interview locals and make short videos of the place. The filming equipment was really professional, so it was fun and educational.
Watch our videos here:

On the second week we documented project called ‘The people in your neighbourhood’. Working with little Finnish children who can speak English was cool.

IMG_4865                        IMG_5002

These two working weeks in Finland have been a great experience for both of us − practising our English, getting to know Finnish people and language.

Säde Mai ja Hanna 🙂